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deal to end the debt ceiling crisis. and the attorney representing shane bauer and josh few at all said he expects the iranian court to issue a verdict within a week. the two grads have been detained in iran for two years. >> good morning. fog has pushed across the bay so we are looking at cloudy skies. upper 50s san francisco, low 60s oakland. >> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. there is new optimism this morning that a compromise is taking shape in washington. to increase the debt limit before tuesday's deadlines. both parties have resolved some key issues on long-term debt reductions. senate majority leader harry riedling cancelled an early morning senate vote to allow talks to continue. you can take a look at the countdown clock. it is still shows 2 days, 14
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hours, 59 minutes left to raise the debt limit before the government runs out of money to pay all its bills. dan reports on what both sides have agreed to so far. >> after weeks of wrangling and partisan bickering there appears to be new optimism that congressional leaders and the white house are close to resolving the debt ceiling impasse. sources tell abc news that a new option for extending the debt ceiling is being discussed. >> i'm confident and optimistic that we are going to get an agreement in the very near future. >> in spite of our differences i think we are dealing with reasonable, responsible people that want the crisis to end as quickly as possible and i'm confident we will. >> the latest framework will raise the debt ceiling by $2.4 trillion and guarantee an equal amount of reduction over the next ten years. things looked grim for much of saturday. one proposal would allow it in two stages as the only viable option. >> we don't have time for
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delaying tactics. >> but the republicans quickly rebuffed reed. 43 of the 47 republican as far as sent aler to riedling saying they will not back his plan. house republicans held a symbolic vote, rejecting it. by saturday evening, with the nation reaching closer to default, he this said they were post posting a vote follow 1:00 p.m. on sunday. >> i'm confidence reasonable people from both parties should be able to reach an agreement. i believe we should give them time to do so. >> both sides continue to work to make sure the country can pay its bills beyond august 2nd. dan, abc7 news. california is making preparations in case the tentative deal falls through. state senator mark leno said lawmakers have to budge. >> compromise is what is necessary right now. the president has put forth a compromise proposal, and democratic leaders have.
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that means not only unpleasant cuts that we will feel here in california, but it also means restoring tax revenues we used to have so we can bring our affairs into balance. >> the state treasure pre-emptively borrowed $5 million from private investors to make sure california doesn't run out of cash. leno said that was a precaution in case credit markets freeze up and the state can't borrow the money it needs. if there's no deal, here are some of the possible repercussions. stocks would likely plumet, decreasing the value of all 401ks and iras. the government would stop sending checks to military group, government employees and people who get social security checks. another possibility, even if lawmakers do agree to an agreement, the u.s. government could have its credit rating downgraded, which means the interest rates on your mortgage
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and credit cards might go up slightly. abc7 news wants to share your personal stories on how the economic downturn is changing your life. record it on your cellphone or digital camera and then up load it on our news site so we can tell your story here on abc7 news. >> we have developing news. c. nn will issue a verdict within a week on the espionage trial on two berkeley graduates crossing into iran. they say after that it could take another week for shane bauer and josh few at all to be released. at their trial they maintained their innocence on charges of illegal entry and spying. they have been imprisoned two years to the day since the day they strayed over the border to iraq while hiking. oakland resident sara shourd was released last year on bail for
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medical reasons. >> in santa cruz, somebody went on a vandalism spree slashing tires and scratching swasticas on dozens of cars. it happened off highway 1. police are collecting evidence they say will likely lead to hate crime charges for the culprits. >> four cars with slashed tires. how did i feel? fantastic. >> she had the tires on all her four vehicles slashed. it happened sometime between 11:00 p.m. and is 111:00 a.m. saturday. 44 cars were damaged. one car has a swastica keyed into the paint. he discovered the damage this morning after car after car on his street had tires. -- had flat tires. >> i think there were two guys, one coming down this side and he had a knife so he was keying.
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the other guy was slashing tires. >> this prius also has a swastica keyed into their hood. police say six vehicles had the hate symbol keyed into their paint. they even entered driveways to slash tires. >> she was surprised to see all her neighbors out. >> everybody was in a daze. people were coming out, it's like a cartoon. you see all the also flat tires everywhere, and it was just like who would have done this? >> the damage is extensive and expensive. >> because i had to replace all four tires, it was probably about $900. >> santa cruz police have found some physical evidence that might lead them to a suspect, but want more information. >> we want people to definitely call the investigations unit if they saw something in the area, if they knew of any parties, anything that was going on that we could potentially find suspects. >> santa cruz police say they don't know if they were random acts or if people were targeted. but because of the swasticas carved in the cars, they will
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potentially add a hate crime charge to the vandalism. in santa cruz, abc7 news. fremont was investigating their second homicide charge of the year after a man was found shot to death in the business district last night. police were called to a rental storage facility where they found the victim's body just before 10:00. investigators say they are checking with nearby businesses to see if any surveillance video shows what happened. for now they are describing it as a drive-by shooting with no known suspects or motive. the victim's name has not been released. scary moments for a reporter at our sister station in los angeles during her live shot last night. kabc-tv's leanne suter was hit in the hand by appellate from a bb gun while reporting in the city of fontana. the impact was not captured on camera but you can hear her
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pause for a moment after she was struck. >> rain overnight in highlight. that was one area really taking a hit earlier overnight as they saw the heavy rain coming in. >> two teenagers have been taken into custody on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. suter was not seriously injured. two marin county people are hospitalized this morning after a fall from a cliff. it was a 150-foot fall. witnesses say the couple was posing for photos about a mile south of stinson beach when they suddenly slipped over the edge. >> they were on a little nubb on the rock and the guy was sitting receipt behind the girl. the girl in his lap. all of a sudden the next second we seen them tumbling over. >> he and his friend actually climbed down the cliff to stay with the victims until rescuers arrived. a sheriff's helicopter had to be used to lift the man to safety. he was flown to the hospital in critical condition.
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the woman was taken to marin hospital with moderate injuries. >> up next the san francisco marathon is underway. we will tell you which areas to avoid if you want to stay away from the road closers. and another royal wedding. this time prince william and his new bride, kate, try not to take away all the attention from another royal bride.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> queen elizabeth's oldest grand daughter, beatrice, was married in scotland. but unlike william ask kate's
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wedding, this was a tad more low-key. we have the story from london. >> the sun was shining, the crowd was loud and william and kate were greeted like rock stars as they arrived for today's royal wedding. it was hard for them not to steal the spotlight. because this royal couple don't live like royalty. the bride is the queen's grand daughter. but except for the guess list, there was little pomp and ceremony as she wed her long-time boyfriend. >> her grandmother happens to be the queen and head of state, but other than that there is really no other connection. >> and they are both world-class athletes. he was a key member of the rugby team that took the world cup for britain in 2003. she is expected to compete as a rider in the 2012 olympics. a career she probably could not have had if she'd taken a royal title with all the duties that
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go along with it. so while her cousin gets married in westminster, she's in a quaint scottish church. while 2 billion worldwide tuned into the other royal wedding. today's ceremony was for 400 close friends and family. while william and kate had a formal engagement photo in buckingham palace, they wore jeans. but there was one similarity. remember that hat? princess beatrice today wore this. no word yet if it has its own facebook page. abc news, london. this week there are free whooping cough vaccinations for middle and high school students. a new california law requires students entering seventh through twelfth grade to get that vaccination before school begins. there will be six free clinics for families in the month of august.
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the first is nine to noon in watsonville. >> as we've been telling you this morning, thousands of runners are hitting the streets for the san francisco marathon. the first wave takes off from the ferry building about 45 men's ago. they will go along the waterfront and they will cross the golden gate bridge and back through golden gate park where the half-marathon ends. the finish line for the full 26.2 miles is at the embarcadero. part of the embarcadero is closed. and two northbound lanes of the bolden gate bridge will be closed to travel until about 9:00 a.m. >> what do you think about that? have you been are oftener before? >> me? how about you? i marvel at that. >> kind. hard on the knees. >> and other parts, as well. we are looking at the clouds
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below. the marine layer at 3,000 feet. there they are. perfect running weather. not must in the way of mist and drizzle but definitely cool out there. a cool afternoon. i'll let you know next. >> thank you. also next, the a's bats are hot since the all-star break and it continued last night at the coliseum. mike shumann has your highlights
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switching to progressive could mean
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> a lot more buzz when we came in because of the marathon. >> kind of busy out there. and good weather for the runners with cloudy conditions. a view from mount tam shows the sun brightly shining above the low clouds and fog. we are looking at a nice afternoon but it has to burn through all of this. there you see the runners. looks cool out there. it is. the numbers are in the upper 50s in the north bay. golden gate bridge right there with a light southwest wind. we are looking at some 60s in the south bay, also the east bay and fog has started to peel back
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already from fairfield but only 56 degrees with winds blowing up to 35 miles an hour here. so the delta breeze, that stable atmosphere with the low fog and clouds, putting a lid on the bay area. we are looking at a slower burn off today. it was only in the upper 70s yesterday in livermore, 82 gilroy. low clouds and fog will peel back to the coast. we will see a few high clouds and cool weather as we continue this pattern into august tomorrow. so here's a look at the fog. you will notice all the way toward the delta. but by 10:00, 11:00, you notice that we get a little sunshine here along the coast. we it of will continue that theme as you notice the temperatures beginning to respond to that sun with just mainly 60s and 70s. a couple 80s further south. looks like at least for the first few days of the work week it is going to be chilly. we have an area of low pressure
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setting up along the pacific northwest. here's a large scale satellite view. notice the we have the counter clockwise rotation here. a big area of high pressure in the four corners region and the flow around that bringing up that moisture. that's what has been bringing the showers into the sierra nevada. afternoon heating and the storms popping once again today. then the counter clockwise rotation with an area of low pressure to the north and west of us. that will allow for the cool air, the sea breeze, the marine low clouds to continue throughout the early part of the week. so this afternoon, perhaps a few storms once again firing from really yosemite on south where the stronger storms with some thunderstorms possible in the northern sierra, lake tahoe as well and reason owe. temperatures today in the mid-80s in yosemite. upper 80s in sacramento. it has been a cool summer there. 77 in los angeles. back home more widespread 70s in the south bay. 47 sunyvale. cupertino coming in at 75 with
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san mateo a little cooler, 27. in and around san francisco, 64 today. so that's about two degrees cooler and in the north bay look for 73 in petaluma, as well as vallejo. near east bay and upper 670s for richmond. san leandro 72. out over the hills a little cooler today with pleasanton and danville and concord coming in at 82. 80 hollister. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. a little cooling today and tomorrow. we may just hold it there throughout the rest of the week with more 60s and 70s around the bay. so yet another cool pattern shaping up. >> all right. thank you, lisa. you know coming up at 7:00 is good morning america. dan hairston is joining us live now from new york to tell us what is coming up. dan, lots of developing news this morning. >> indeed. always great to talk to you on a sunday morning. let's start with the biggest piece of developing news, new hope finally in washington's
6:22 am
massive debt debacle. with the deadline two days away, signs that the democrats and republicans are finally inching toward a deal after all the yelling and shouting done recently. abc correspondent george stephanopoulos will be leading the coverage from washington this morning. and the plane that literally split in two and yet somehow everybody survived. how did it happen? we have new details and new interviews with the passengers this morning. plus, and i know this is a story of major local concern in san francisco in the bay area, we've got the latest on the two american hikers being held hostage or some believe hostage or at least prisoner over in iran. they appeared in corps today. there -- in court today. there is hopeful speculation they could finally be set free. and on a lighter note we are calling this dog the drama queen of the canine world. it knows how to play dead and it's doing it on a whole new level.
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i can assure you this dog is not actually dead. it gets up and scampers around but she's quite a performer. we have her whole story coming up on gma. i can hear you laughing, which is a good sign. >> as you said, a drama queen. i guess when she gets ready to lose a fight she lays over. >> i do that around the house with my wife once in a while. it has never worked once. >> thanks, done. we will see you at 7:00. of course, we are hoping that this whole debt deal goes through. >> as is everybody in america. thank you. great to see you. >> nice to see you, too. let's check out sports now. serena williams will please francis williams bartoli at noon. that's at stanford. last night the giants made another move ahead of today's trade deadline to try to bolster the team. here's schu with the details and highlights from last night's loss to the reds in this morning's sports. >> good morning.
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the giants veteran infielder, orlando cabrera to cleveland in exchange for thomas neal. cabrera won a world series for the red sox in 2004 has experience and will probably start at shortstop for the g-men. meanwhile reds on the ledger yesterday. bumgarner, not his best outing. the pitch are rocked in the first. down 3-0. bases juiced for jay bruce. two-rbi single. top of five. sandoval facing leak. see ya. 450 feet. his 11th of the year. and johnathan on the board hoping they can limit the damage but things got out of control. bumgarner gives up 6 earned runs, 4 innings. doesn't bother backing up the plate. schierholtz' throw goes wild. tough day, losing their second and 7-2, the final. believe it or not the a's have the league's top batting. average since the all-star break, the highest on-base percentage and the fewest strikeouts. they continued that trend against the twins. everyone getting along at the coliseum. michael cuddyer going strong the other way. they come up scoring. ben revere scores.
6:25 am
and cuddyer is not so lucky. gunned down at second. 1-0, twins. 2-2 in the second. one into the gap. cliff pennington scores. weeks has some speed. a's up 3-2. bottom of the five, twins. intentionally walked, the bases loaded from scott sizemore. he makes them pay. everyone comes home on the double and the a's win big, 8-3, the final. the raiders threw on the pads for the first time this preseason and no one got hurt. would you the mini camps due to the lockout, players are not really in football shape. it's a crapshoot hoping you don't lose too many players due to the lay off. former stanford quarterback trent edwards was signed to compete for the backup job. he has time with the bills and the jaguars. >> he has characteristics i look for in a quarterback. i had an opportunity to sit down and talk to him and he was what i was looking for. he's a big, strong, physical guy who can control the ball. he's very intelligent, loves football, very passionate about the game.
6:26 am
he's a gym rat. he likes to go in there from morning to night and it's important to him. he's looking for an opportunity and we are a place that has an opportunity. meanwhile all the talk of the 49ers have been about jim harbaugh and his west coast offense. by there's a new look to the defense. and having to learn a completely different scheme is tough in a short period of time without the mini-camps and several new teammates. even veterans will struggle in this situation. >> english to spanish, everything is different as far as the terminology. we have to just completely put aside everything that we had for the last five years here. >> i can look at that and say, you know, it's a downer and what am i going to do? or i can look at it as a positive note and say, this is something different, it's a new challenge. let's take it on, let's see how i can handle it. >> all right. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> up next, the politics of
6:27 am
garbage in san francisco. the major battle over where it should go, who shoud haul it away. the a's win a home run with a program that brings summertime fun to innenenenenenenenenenenee [ female announcer ] every box of general mills big g cereals can help your kids' scho get extra stuff. ♪ like musical instrents. ♪ and new art supplies. ♪ because they're e only cereals with box tops for education. last year, schools earned over ten million dollars from big g cereals.
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welcome back. pg&e will hold meetings this week in the san mateo highlands to discuss the ongoing natural gas inspection.
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they have suspended work on a section of pipe in san bruno after residents said they smelled gas yesterday. the section of pipe was once part of the gas line that blew up last year but has been inactive since the mid-50s. pg&e crews say the smell is not a safety concern but wanted to take the extra time to make sure because neighbors were worried. today san francisco chronicle reports on pg&e documents detailing a 1988 rupture along a section of pipeline near the san bruno blast site. "the chronicle" points out that a 2002 federal law began requiring system-wide checks of gas pipelines once a leak is detected along a longitudinal seam weld. but they publicly questioned whether the 1988 leak occurred on such a weld. san francisco's garbage appears headed to a new
6:31 am
dumping-ground. after years of planning and months of debate the board of supervisors has approved a contract to send tons of trash to uba county. >> there was trash talking at san francisco's board of supervisors over what to do about the city's garbage. right now the nearly 1,000 tons a day not recycled or composted is trucked to landfill in livermore owned by waste management, but their deal with the city expired in 2015. the supervisors voted overwhelmingly, 9-2, to award the new contract to another firm, recology. instead of taking the garbage to livermore, recology plans to truck the trash to oakland and take it by train to the landfill it owns in uba county. saying that will save customers about $100 million over ten years. >> by using rail haul we are able to take trucks off the road, save fuel and also save money. >> but some uba county residents and those who own farmland there don't want san francisco's garbage in their backyard and
6:32 am
tried to lobby lawmakers. >> it's meant for local use or for the counties surrounding uba county. it doesn't need to take all of san francisco's recyclable -- or nonrecyclable trash. >> they are pending their hopes on a lawsuit filed by waste management. they are the company who lost the contract. waste management is accusing the city of having a sweetheart deal with recology, which is the only firm authorized to pick up the city's trash. >> what we've asked for is a level playing field. this has been a two-year process, if you will, and we submitted a far superior package. >> and there are some san francisco residents who are also challenging recology's lock on the city's garbage function and may try to put the issue before the voters next june. starting tomorrow, august 1st, ac transit's fares go up. the basic adult fair will increase to $2.10.
6:33 am
that the an increase of ten cents. out first increase by five cents. and the trips from the east bay to san francisco and the peninsula will now cost $4.20 for adults. the fair increase was approved may 11th by the ac transit board of directors. more fare increases are planned over the next three years. >> from data speed to speeding around the aces, the oakland a's have joined forces with police and community organizations to change summertime for kids in west oakland. here's abc7's education reporter. >> playing whiffle ball on a hot summer day was unimaginable for most of these west oakland kids. not too long ago this was a parking lot. the oakland a's helped to make the dream possible. >> the ceremonial first pitch -- >> and newcomer's second baseman
6:34 am
, mr. weeks, threw the first pitch. >> somebody like me, somebody they can look up to. they see guys like me in the streets all the time where they are from and see it as a positive influence. >> some of the kids were star struck. >> good. got a lot of potential in it. >> it's part of the free summer camp called together we can. it's put on by the oakland school's police department. there are days when up to 90 kids from the neighborhood shows up. oakland school district is the only school district in the bay area to have its own police force, separate from the city. it was the chief who decided to create a place where police officers and kids could bond. >> that was one of the goals, is obviously to create a safe environment where kids can feel comfortable and safe but it was really two-fold. how do we build positive relationships between the young people and the police. >> without the camp there would be nowhere for these kids to play in a supervised and safe environment. >> i would just be sad in my house.
6:35 am
>> the a's team president said oakland is in need of more centers like this one. >> there's the need for people to invest, not only with money but with time. >> the camp has been so successful, police say they will be able to continue using the facilities after school. abc7 news. >> a great day for playing ball or running in a marathon or anything else outdoors. >> it was bright and sunny there. the low clouds this morning but we will see also some mid- and high-level clouds out there. this will clear. it's going take a little bit of time today and that will lead to some cooler temperatures. but we are start ago new month. does that bring any changes? i'll let you know next. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, who will keep the dogs in? a bay area city's campaign to build a local dog bark.
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>> some dog lovers want to unleash the power of the internet to get their pooches a new place to play. they have entered a contest to win a new dog park. as johnathan bloom reports, now all they need is people to vote for them.
6:39 am
meet cash, the canine star of this video produced by a group of pacifica dog lovers. it seems cash can't find anybody's to play without a leash in pacifica, no matter how hard he searches. >> dogs have to have exercise. i've had people say to me i'm force today break the law every day because i have to exercise my dog and there is nowhere to do it. >> that's why jana and a few friends started a group called pooch, the pacifica organization of canine helpers. for years they have worked tirelessly to get a dog park built. they found a space behind the city rec center. >> this space was so appealing, we were drooling. >> what's the obstacles? >> i think money. >> they say the one thing they need in order for cash to lose the leash is money. >> that's why the video was named money for cash because that's all we need is the money so cash can have place to play. >> now they are hoping the video produced will win them that money in an online contest called bark for your park. >> that particular shot that's on the screen behind me i think may have taken five or six takes to get right.
6:40 am
>> animal actors aren't the easiest, but it won an award and got pacifica a place in the final 15. >> we have the best video but in order to win the park we need people to vote. >>ed grand breeze; hundred thousand dollars from pet company pet safe toward building the dog park. the folks at pooch are hoping to get enough votes to blow away the competition. in pacifica, johnathan bloom, abc7 news. voting for the contest ends wednesday, august 3rd. to see the video and cast your vote you will find a link at under "see it on tv." now my friend lisa with everything you need to know about the weather. of course, you can't vote on it, it is what it is. >> it is what it is, exactly. it and looks like you can probably guess what it is because we've got a blanket of low clouds and fog. it is pervasive not only in the
6:41 am
north bay but it extends foreign land to the east bay valleys. burn back time will be a little later this afternoon. the roof camera shows all the runners just loving the low clouds and fog. upper 50s in the city. a light southwest wind. the winds are pretty gusty out by the delta. that's typical when we've got this pattern going on. there they go. it will be a little slow in the city and also the golden gate bridge until about 10:00. warmer temperatures east bay and south bay with some low 60s this morning. good morning, san jose, 62 there. 67 in navato and 68 in antioch. this morning starting off much like we will yesterday with the low clouds, the fog. we will see some more high and mid-level clouds move in from a system to the south and east of us. the cool weather tense for the first couple of days, as least, for august, which starts tomorrow. the fog will burn back and you will notice right at the shoreline here trying to pull back a little bit, but it will fill in quickly again so don't
6:42 am
count on a whole lot of sun around san francisco. just low to mid-60s there with more 70s around the bay. we just saw some low 80s yesterday for livermore and gilroy. those will be trimmed back further so the 80s will be out into the sacramento valley. the next couple days, the reason we are cool, we have another upper level trough setting up to the north and west of us. that's what has been keeping the temperatures below normal. but the pattern for the weekend has shown a little bit of a shift. the high pressure wants to nudge a little further to the west and in it the moisture into southern california. and if the trough would have give way, had given way and that ridge could build westward, we would see a little more warming but that's not the case. the moisture has shunted into southern california. the next trough taking place and setting up along the northwest coast and that means cooler than
6:43 am
average temperatures. numbers today held down with the cloud cover and a few storms from lake tahoe, reno. yosemite in the 80s. in the 70s for tahoe. 96 there and only 88 in sacramento. so los angeles, you will see a few more clouds. the numbers into the upper 70s for you. out of the 8 0s. 75 mountain view. in san francisco 64 with partly cloudy skies this afternoon. low clouds and fog for much of the morning. then 74 san rafael and 80 calistoga. 80 oakland. fremont coming in in the upper 70s today. if you like this kind of weather and have been enjoying the low to mid-80s, kind of unique for late july, early august in livermore. 73 salinas. the look ahead doesn't show much of a change. little cooler the next couple days. 60s, 70s, and 80s. we should see numbers in the
6:44 am
90s. >> we should, but we're not. >> no. >> the gilroy garlic festival continues today. >> a little cooler with sun, near 80. >> thanks, lisa. superhero might not be in the official job description for a botanist but if you want to study plant you better be tough. we have a chance to see exactly what they do at the academy of science when we went on an expedition with them to the philippines islands. >> we is part of a crew of a scientists to research and rescue the country's rain forest. peter is the group leader. >> it's one of the hotspots of
6:45 am
tropical biodiversity which means it's extremely diverse in terms of species and under threat. >> there are nearly 100 million people on islands that together are about the size of arizona. the population is growing and pristine natural areas shrinking. scientists hope this will demonstrate the need to save what's left. >> looking for anything in flower or anything in fruit. >> they spent five days in a national park and the last stop on a five week trip. >> it keeps going up and up. >> the mountain is covered with dense, tropical forest. >> that's fine. i'm not going to mess with it. >> this time of year the high temperature averages 90 degrees with 85% humidity so it can feel like more than 110 degrees. and there are a lot of leeches. this park official got one between her toes. even so, jim, a 61-year-old
6:46 am
retiree, does this for fun. >> we want to try to get one. everything that's up here. >> everything from tiny months -- months to showier plants. during the trip they collected 1200 specimens, each with their own unique spot in the ecosystem. the scientists said it's critical. >> the months absorbs water during heavy rain and release the water during dry days and they serve to regulate the forest's temperature and moisture. >> the team includes an expert tree climber. he works barefoot climbing 50 or 60 feet in a few minutes. then neatly dropping the specimens. >> there we go. >> the work goes on for hours. some nights they camp, some they go to a hotel room to organize what they have collected for shipping home. >> we can be working on specimens well past midnight. >> the next morning they are back in the field. it's grueling, but this is what they call the glamor part of their job. frank believes there's no better career.
6:47 am
>> the only regret i have in doing this line of work, is one lifetime is not enough. that's the only regret. it's true! >> dan ashley, abc7 news. they will spend months in the lab analyzing all those specimens. they will be looking for new species, new uses for the plants and new ideas on how to save tropical rainforests. this is the biggest expedition in their history. there are experts on ocean life, insects and animals on this trip. we will be reporting on their findings all summer. don't go away, 7 on your side is next. >> social security makes a simple mistake that proved costly for a purple heart recipient. i'm michael finney. find out howie were able at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at
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>> for a lot of americans the social security check is a lifeline, the only means of support. that's the case for other -- a vietnam veteran who fought for 14 months months for payments he never received. here's michael finney with the story. >> michael lives in a cramped studio apartment. he receives free rent from a friend. the purple heart recipient has a heart condition and is hooked up to an oxygen machine.
6:51 am
he applied for social security and received this notice awarding him benefits. he was to start receiving checks of $561 beginning march, 210. >> contacted social security numerous times and each time i was told they would reissue the check and have it sent to me. i would never get it. >> his benefit checks for subsequent months started coming the following month, but the march check continued to be a no show. >> i was caught in a circle. it was just basically nothing that could be done about it. >> social security tells us it did reissue a check to michael, but it came back as undeliverable. it could not explain why all his subsequent checks were able to get to him. fourteen months would pass, just one month short of his entire stint in the vietnam war. that's when he contacted 7 on your side. >> i guess we found the limit, i don't know.
6:52 am
>> we contacted the social security administration and he received the check within a week. it declined an on-camera interview but apologizes for any inconveniences mr. peters has experienced as a result in the delay of receiving his check. it recommended michael switch to direct deposit or direct express debit card to avoid future problems. michael, well, he's just happy he got his check. >> i guess it's just sort of a relief. >> for michael, getting a benefit check was about more than just the money. >> it's no longer feeling helpless to resolve a problem. >> by march, 2013, all social security benefits must be received electronically with just a few exceptions. now we have more information on our website. just go to i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> coming up next, a new reality show coming to abc.
6:53 am
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>> a new reality show will premiere tuesday night here on abc. it's calmed "take the money and run." it's set in san francisco with two walnut creek brothers hoping to win $100,000. what do they have to do?
6:56 am
here's arts and entertainment reporter, don can the. >> the contents of this briefcase is $100,000. you have exactly one hour to hide this case anywhere you choose. >> the brothers have to take the money and run, trying to outwit text i haves and claim the case as their own. >> i believe they want to hide it where no one can see it or find it, somewhere concealed so we made them a plan and hid it. it's awesome. >> they grew up in antioch. the show will be great exposure. paul manages a concord restaurant. there's a twist. after they hide it they are arrested and interrogated. that was intimidating, they say. the detectives have 48 hours to find the loot. if they do, they can take t it. otherwise it belongs to the brothers. >> it is a game and there's no repercussions except if you give up where the case is at, there is the repercussion, you lose the game. >> so it becomes stressful. the brothers had to choose someplace, anyplace in the city to hide it, and they only had an
6:57 am
hour. it brings up an intriguing thought. if you were in their shoes, where would you hide the money? but it's different when you are watching the show. >> this is real now. it's not as easy as it seems. >> the brothers were raised mostly by their single mom. they wanted to get the money to help her. >> she's actually in remission for cancer, as well. >> so part of the money will go to kind of give back to her a little bit as well. >> even mom doesn't know if they won it and they can't tell anyone the outcome. >> can't say anything. gotta watch the show. >> it's tuesday night, august 2nd. abc7 news. >> it's got us talking about it. lisa is here with a final look at the forecast. >> waking up to gray skies around the bay. we will see some sunshine, but boy, wouldn't you know, it is going to be cooler this afternoon. low 80s in concord.
6:58 am
77 fremont, 64 san francisco. we will look for a slightly cooler afternoon again tomorrow with temperatures trying to come up a couple degrees throughout the work week. not much, though. 60s coast, 70s around the bay, upper 80s inland. still pleasant away from the sea breeze. >> all right. that will do it for us. thank you for joining us. our next newscast starts at 9:00. i'm carolyn tyler are lisa [ male announcer ] using frontline plus
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